Home sweet home. The place we are all probably spending 90% of our time right now.


Why not throw a sign up on the wall to give you a reminder? Lol, but in all seriousness, this is the best sign for yourself or someone who just bought a home.


The sign measures 12" tall x 36" wide. It is in the stain true black.


100% hand-lettered without using vinyl or stencils. 

Home Sweet Home Sign

  • Every item is custom made and made to order. Most of the items are made out of durable wood, birch wood, etc.

    If you see lettering on a product, that is my own handwriting. I do not use vinyl or stencils. This is what makes my signs and items so unique.

    Blanket ladders and a few other large items are picked up locally ONLY.

    There will be imperfections and uniqueness to each piece due to it being on wood, hand-lettered, stained, painted, etc. This means that no sign is going to be exactly the same as another.

    I write with permanent paint pens and seal each item.

    Each stain and paint will vary from the pictures. The stains typically turn out a tad darker in person, so keep that in mind when choosing.

    As always, email me at livandcreatecompany@gmail.com and let’s talk about any questions or custom orders you may have!