Stovetop covers are perfect to give your kitchen a nice personal touch. 


This is a brand new look! The tiffany blue distressed is beautiful in person and is the perfect pop of color! I would also say that you could put this in any room. You could use it as a tray in your living room or bedroom as well!


PLEASE NOTE: This size is for standard stovetops. It is 22" deep (from front to back of stove) and 30" wide (from left to right). Measure your stove before you order. If you need a specific size, email me at Also note that it could cause the price to increase.


You can pick your stain, wording, word color, & any other details.


For example, family names or initials would be very cute on these!


*sample picture is with Black wording in script. 


This is my own handwriting so each piece will be unique. I don't use any stencils or vinyl. The stovetop covers are made of pine wood that have uniqueness to each so none will look the exact same. Please also note that the stain could take to the wood differently than the picture shows, but I try my best to get it to look very close!


Each stovetop cover is sealed for protection.


WARNING: Please do not put the stovetop cover on a burning or hot surface because it could cause damage to your stove, catch on fire, or anything else. Wait till it cools off to place on the stovetop.

Tiffany Blue Distressed Stovetop Cover

  • Every item is custom made and made to order. Most of the items are made out of durable wood, birch wood, etc.


    If you see lettering on a product, that is my own handwriting. I do not use vinyl or stencils. This is what makes my signs and items so unique.


    Blanket ladders and a few other large items are picked up locally ONLY.


    There will be imperfections and uniqueness to each piece due to it being on wood, hand-lettered, stained, painted, etc. This means that no sign is going to be exactly the same as another.


    I write with permanent paint pens and seal each item.


    Each stain and paint will vary from the pictures. The stains typically turn out a tad darker in person, so keep that in mind when choosing.


    As always, email me at and let’s talk about any questions or custom orders you may have!